How Much is a John Deere Tractor?

All You Need To Know About John Deere Tractor – Price Included

Without a tractor, farming in the twenty-first century is unthinkable. For farmers, tractors are the most valuable item. A tractor is a multipurpose machine famous for its efficiency and effectiveness in the fields. They are a very important part of the livelihood of every farmer around the World. Many tractor brands keep putting out high-quality vehicles consistently. These days, the competition amongst tractor companies has gotten tighter. Here, we will be letting you know what the state of the market is for one of the leading tractor brands in the World.

Who or What is John Deere?

If you are just hearing it for the first time, John Deere is a brand name for an American corporation called Deere & Company. The company manufactures agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, diesel engines, heavy equipment, drivetrains used in lawn care equipment, and other heavy equipment. Deere & Company also provides financial services and several other related activities. They have their headquarters in Illinois, in the United States.

Some of their heavy equipment and agricultural machinery include: tractors, combine harvesters, seed drills, loaders, excavators, graders, log loaders, field sprayers, and much more other equipment. They have almost everything you need to make your life better in the area of agriculture.

Types of Tractors Owned by John Deere

How Much is a John Deere Tractor

There is this saying that says that no matter the task, John Deere has the Tractor to suit your needs. Aside from all the other equipment the company produces, they are known for their tractors when it comes to agriculture. Some of these include

Compact tractor (22.4-65.9 HP)

This is a do-it-yourself land scraper, and the Tractor can handle any task

Utility tractor (50-250 HP)

This tractor is made in such a way that it can perform different tasks, whether it is working livestock or snow removal, hay producers or municipalities. The Tractor also comes with versatility that can help to haul, mow, bale, and even do much more.

Specialty tractor (75-155 HP)

This is very similar to the utility tractor, and it comes with all the features, power, and performance that you would like in a utility tractor. The major difference is that it comes in a size that is just perfect for the specialty crops you grow.

Row crop tractor (110-410 HP)

This Tractor definitely makes your work easier and faster. The John Deere Row Crop has an engine horsepower that ranges from 110 to 410, and it is powerful, versatile, and efficient.

4WD tractors (390-640)

It is also called the 9 Family. This Tractor crowned John Deere as the first and only manufacturer that can provide all the 3 machine forms to perfectly fit any application with the 9RX, 9RT, and 9R Series Tractors.

These are some of the different tractors manufactured by John Deere with regard to agriculture, although there are still more for agricultural uses and for other uses too.

How Much is a John Deere Tractor

John Deere is said to be the largest farm machinery manufacturer in the World in 2021, with about $44 billion in sales also in that same year. They are ranked as the number one company that offers tractor brands for farmers in the United States. They are also the most well-recognized company with a very strong reputation for durable full-sized tractors. Their tractors are affordable, and it fits into most farmers’ budget. The company also specializes in customer betterment. They are deliberate and always try to make their customers happy and satisfied.

The company produces a wide range of tractors for different types of farmers, from the small farmers who take farming as their hobby to the commercial farmers who produce on a large scale. The company won different awards, such as the “Overall Loyalty” in 2021 from the Progressive Farmer Reader Insight survey of over 2,000 farmers.

Asides from all the previously mentioned reasons why the company is so popular, these are some other reasons. Their tractors come with innovative technology, and they keep getting better as technology advances. They have a heavy lifting capacity, making it easy to lift heavy objects. The uniqueness of their design, power, strength, and durability are not lost on us. It is also safe and comfortable for the farmers and comes with the ability to adapt to each farmer.

What is the Most Demanded John Deere Tractor?

John Deere’s tractor models are some of the most demanded tractors among Indian farmers. The Tractor comes with superb qualities and features that provide productive work on the farm. The prices of his tractors are economical for the farmers, and they can easily afford them.

There are many of the company’s tractors that are in high demand, but the most demanded of them all is the John Deere 5105. It has all the quality that provides effective and efficient work in the field. This particular Tractor offers robust engine quality for smooth work on the farms and other numerous attributes for a stress-free and well-done job on the farm. It also comes with class, looks, performance, productivity, and affordability.

It has a horsepower of 40, 3 cylinders, and a fuel tank of 60 liters. In India, it is sold at Rs. 5.55-5.75 Lakh.

How Much is a John Deere Tractor

As mentioned earlier, John Deere has a lot of tractors, and we will be bringing you the price list of some of those tractors.

  • The John Deere 9RT Series of track tractors ranges from $424,246 to $511,008.
  • The John Deere 9RX Series of track tractors ranges from $523,359 to $574,786.
  • The John Deere 9R Series of track tractors ranges from $303,495 to $459,175.
  • The John Deere 5EN Series Specialty Narrow tractors range from $38,661 to $43,632.
  • The John Deere High Crop Specialty tractors range from $53,936 to $59,000.

These are some of the price ranges of John Deere’s tractors. There are still others with different price ranges, depending on the tractors’ model, type, and function. You can visit the company’s website for more information as regards their prices and the functions of each of the trucks.

You can also reach out to them to know about the services they render other than the manufacturing of tractors and other machinery.


We are sure we have answered your question, “how much is a John Deere Tractor?” John Deere is one of the topmost companies that deals with manufacturing agricultural machinery and other forms of machinery and product. They are known for their reliability, and they have several different tractor choices and models for you to pick from depending on your need per time.